Croatia Euro Gold Coins 2023
Click here to access Croatia 100 Euro Gold Coin and 6 Euro Silver Coin - Contour Necktie 2023
Mintage: 500 Proof | Gold Coin: 100 Euro | Gold: 999.9/1000 | Weight: 31.103 g | Format: 46.90 x 19.90 mm | in the shape of a tie | Silver Coin: 6 Euro | Silver: 999.9/1000 | Weight: 62.207 g | Diameter: 60.00 mm | The Contour Necktie edition consists of two coins of different shapes, made of different precious metals, gold and silver. The gold coin follows the contours of the necktie and is inserted into a silver coin whose opening harmoniously follows the given shape, so that in combination they form a complete forging.
Click here to access Croatia 100 Euro Gold Coin - Fausto Veranzio's Innovations 2023
Mintage: 300 Brilliant Uncirculated - BU | Gold: 999.9/1000 | Weight: 31.103 g | Diameter: 32.00 mm
Extra charge for coins in original case with certificate (if issued)
Mintage: - - - | no official data until now
Blue framed issues without catalogue price are not yet on the market
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