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Information About the Catalog Value

We determine the catalog value from current, real sales of all relevant online shops, online shopping portals, online auctions as well as price lists and catalogs from retailers.
To reflect the market situation as completely as possible, private sales of collectors are included in the calculation of the average prices as well as sales prices of dealers.

In addition to taxes and personnel costs in sale prices of specialist retailers also security aspects like warranty etc. are included. Compared to private sales this often results in higher price differences for the same item. In the case of more expensive items, however, the surcharges on the market are gladly paid.

The catalog values are neither the price you can place on a coin in the purchase at a reputable dealer, nor the price you have to obtain on a sale.
The catalog values therefore serve only for orientation purposes in which price range a coin moves approximately and are by no means binding.

The catalogue values are calculated automatically by our system.
However, since coin issues do not have international article numbers (such as EAN or ISBN for books), incorrect assignments and incorrect average prices may occasionally occur.
Despite constant controls and a permanent optimization of our system, incorrect catalog values can never be completely ruled out.

The catalog values are determined by coins in impeccable quality.
For coins of lower quality (especially for the circulation coins 1 cent to 2 Euro and the 2 Euro commemorative coins) you must include price discounts.
Depending on quality, the collector value can then reduce up to the face value.

Information About the Mintage

We only accept official data from central banks and legal issuers.
These may also change again if, for example, single coins of a year are minted again years later.

In the official certificates for silver and gold coins the "maximum mintage" is usually indicated. However, for some issues (e.g., France or Spain), this quantity is not completely minted. As a result, the actual mintage differs from the maximum mintage in the certificates.

Some central banks are also very "economical" with their published information. Therefore we have no official data for some editions.

Do you have any information that we do not have?
Please tell us your information and help us to improve the catalog constantly!

The Latest Coins in the Catalog

Mintage: 30.000 | with french mintmark
Mintage: 418.000 + 7.000 Brilliant Uncirculated in a capsule and 5.000 Proof in original case with a certificate
Mintage: 7.000 Brilliant Uncirculated - BU in a capsule
Mintage: 5.000 Proof in original case with a certificate
Mintage: 500.000 | + 7.000 BU in Coincard
Mintage: 500.000 | + 7.000 BU in Coincard
Mintage: 500.000 + 10.000 Brilliant Uncirculated in Coincards + 10.000 Proof in a folder
Mintage: 30.000 Proof in original case | Silver: 925/1000 | Weight: 22,42 g | Diameter: 34,00 mm
Mintage: 50.000 Special Uncirculated | Copper-nickel | Weight: 16,00 g | Diameter: 34,00 mm | glowing in the dark
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